10 reasons you should bring your stag-do to Krakow.

No. 1 - Cheap flights
Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair and many other budget airlines offer super hot deals to Krakow from London and many other major cities. Bring the whole gang for cheaper than for one to most other destinations.

No. 2 - Hot destination for less
Nearly everything's cheaper than places like Prague, but twice as nice: food, hotels, drinks, lap dances. OK, the latter are purely up to you, but really, you're gonna have the time of your life and still have a few quid left in your pocket for a snack on the flight home.

No. 3 - Exotic East, modern West meet in the middle
You may be in Central Europe, but the untamed East and the modern West blend perfectly in Cracow. It's a city where both high culture and an off-the-charts party routinely mingle. Spend the day sightseeing at the Royal Wawel Castle, touring the amazing, medieval Salt Mines in Wieliczka or get out for some paintball or shooting. Most anything you want to do, we can sort it out for you on a group or personal tour.

No. 4 - Amazing birdwatching
Tweet, tweet. Two feet and all legs (especially in summertime)!

No. 5 - Crazy strippers
We know what you're really after. Some of the best looking women in the world will dance to your delight then cozy up for a closer, private dance in one of the many strip clubs in the city. If you're really crazy, maybe rent your party a stripper on a river boat. Or try the private limo, van or any other way you can think of to get you best mate and a half-naked party girl together.

No. 6 - Density
Yes, it was unfair of us to put such a scientific word right after the strippers, but you need to pay attention to this next bit. Krakow has the most clubs and pubs per square meter of any city in Europe. Last count was about 400, but really why add it up when you can just enjoy it. Get completely tanked in any of a number of great dance clubs, or cheer, sing and quaff brewskies with the boys at one of the Irish- or English-style pubs. Keywords for use at all times: Prosze duze piwo (Proh-sheh doo-zhuh pee-voh)*.

No. 7 - Celebrity spotting
Bad boys Nigel Kennedy and Colin Farrell fancy it. We've heard of others in for a short visit, but why not try your hand at the game in one of the garden cafes on the Main Square.

No. 8 - Freedom
Locals only slightly frown upon half-naked men gallavanting about. OK, we may be exaggerating here. The laws are pretty much the same as elsewhere, so if you're gonna try streaking, we wouldn't advise it, but you can dress your best mate in a crazy pink fairy costume and get that reaction you wanted.

No. 9 - Smoke it up
Most places got you lighting up in the middle of nowhere, bracing yourself in the wind and hoping the copper doesn't see it. Not here, at least for now. Except for the odd spot, you can light up in most clubs or restaurants, or casually walk down the street with fag in hand and no one will give a damn. It's a rare bit of personal freedom. Enjoy it while it lasts.

No. 10 ...
Ah, forget the list. Just get over here and make up your own when you get here. Book now!

* 'big beer, please'

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